Office Administration

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Every industry whether it’s industrial, medical, or technological, needs administrators to ensure that operations run smoothly.

ACC offers a two-year Associate Degree in Office Administration to prepare students for whatever they might face when it comes to office management.

“Office administrators are always in demand,” said Dianna Smith, ACC Office Administration Chair. “It’s not uncommon for our graduates to get out and get hired immediately as an office manager.”

Students in the program learn in-depth skills in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and Access. Other software platforms they learn include database administration, desktop publishing and Quickbooks. “Once they complete the program students are prepared to earn certifications,” Smith said.

Software skills are vital to office administrators because information technology is utilized by almost every employer.

“It will make them that much more valuable in the workforce,” Smith said.

Other skills that students learn include records management, communication skills, clerical services and more.

There are specialized courses students can take that are focused on specific industries. ACC offers courses in legal, accounting and medical terminology and procedures.

Many students will often use Office Administration to get experience in a particular field where they’d like to transition into another profession, Smith said.

“We want them to be successful,” she said. “All of these skills transfer to any industry.”

In addition to on-site courses, students can also earn an Office Administration degree completely online.

The median income for an office administrator is $35,330 per year ($16.99/hour). Job openings are projected to grow by 12 percent by 2022, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

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