Online Degrees

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As society grows increasingly mobile, community colleges must meet the needs of students who require instruction outside of the classroom.

ACC currently offers four degrees that can be earned completely online and is planning to add six more for the Fall 2015 semester.

Associate Degrees now available online are General Studies, Sociology, Psychology and Management. The college will soon offer degrees in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Computer Information Technology, Paralegal, History and Office Administration.

“The college is planning to add an Associate Degree in Math in the future,” said Dena Coots, ACC Distance Education Director.

“This will provide a wide array of options for students who cannot attend classes on campus,” Coots said. “Online classes really address the needs of non-traditional students.”

Today the college has 170 courses online. More than 1,600 students are taking classes online, making up nearly a third of the college’s enrollment. By offering even more degree plans, the college is opening the door for additional students, Coots said.

“This will add to our enrollment and it will add to the diversity of our student body,” she said.

Students in online programs will work with the MyBlackboard software platform.

“Students who are looking to earn a new career benefit most from online courses,” Coots said.

“Technology really enhances the education process,” she said.

Students interested in taking online courses or enrolling in an online degree program should take a readiness quiz to see if they are prepared for the coursework. The quiz is available at

In order to increase student success in the online learning environment all students taking an online class will also be required to take the Online Readiness Course.

For more information, call 281-756-3728 or email

Are Online Classes for You?

1. Feeling that I am part of a physical classroom setting is:

a. very important.

b. somewhat important.

c. not necessary.

2. I generally:

a. put things off until the last minute.

b. need reminders, but get things done on time.

c. get things done ahead of time.

3. I prefer to communicate:

a. in person, face-to-face. I do not like to write.

b. in person, but I’m comfortable expressing myself in writing.

c. in writing.

4. I would classify myself as:

a. a slow reader. I often need help understanding text material.

b. an average reader. Sometimes I need help understanding the material.

c. a good reader, able to understand most text material without help.

5. I think face-to-face classroom discussion:

a. is vital.

b. is sometimes helpful.

c. is helpful, but discussion via email is equally engaging.

6. I generally prefer to:

a. have instructions explained or demonstrated to me.

b. try to follow instructions on my own, then ask for help as needed.

c. figure out instructions myself.

7. When faced with new technology such as gadgets and computer software I usually:

a. avoid working with new technology.

b. feel some apprehension, but try it anyway.

c. look forward to learning new skills.

8. Taking into account my professional and personal schedule, I have:

a. less time for an online course than an on-campus course.

b. about the same amount of time for an online course as an on-campus class.

c. more time for an online course than an on-campus one since I don’t have to commute.

9. If I have to go to campus to take exams or complete
work I:

a. can make arrangements to do so almost anytime.

b. will need to make an evening or weekend appointment.

c. would have difficulty going to campus at any time.


One point for each “a” answer.

Two points for each “b” answer.

Three points for each “c” answer.

21 or more points: An online course would probably be a good fit for you.

15 to 20 points: An online course could work for you, but you should be prepared to make a few adjustments in your schedule and study habits to succeed. A hybrid course may be a good first step.

14 or fewer points: An online course is probably not the best way for you to learn right now. Your chance for success would be better if you enrolled in a traditional on-campus course.

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