Student Services

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Alvin_student_servicesAdvising Services

Alvin Community College provides students with an experienced, professional advising staff available to assist students from the initial inquiry about college through graduation. Our advisors and counselors assist students through advisement and educate them for registration, financial aid and other important services. Our staff can also assist with study skill tips, test taking strategies, stress management and a number of college survival areas to promote your success in and out of the classroom.


ACC employs two Licensed Professional Counselors to assist students who may encounter barriers to success due to stressors in life. The focus of short term counseling can include issues related to the transition to college, balancing classes, anxiety, relationship/family difficulties, mild depression, financial problems, and personal issues. Appointments are available and urgent issues are handled immediately. Students who need long-term counseling or referrals will be assisted with locating resources in the community.

Office of Disability Services

Office of Disability Services (ODS) serves all college students, including Dual Credit and Continuing Education students.

Services Provided by ODS Include:

• Accommodations for exams

• Alternative media

• Assistive technology

• Classroom accommodations

• Registration and advocacy services

For more information, call: 281.756.3533
TDD: 281.756.3845
Fax: 281.756.5760
or email

Career Services Department

The Career Services Department provides:

• Career testing coordination of career counseling appointments

• Resume writing and critiquing assistance

• Assistance with on and off-campus employment leads, and posting of jobs

• Coordination of JobLink, the on-line job database

A total of 3,598 different career services were provided between 1/1/15 – 5/15/15 and a total of 629 jobs were posted in JobLink.

Individuals who need to identify new job possibilities are highly encouraged to make use of the services offered through Career Services.

Employers are seeking trained students and graduates from our academic, technical, and workforce development programs. There are currently 1,831 Active-Status employees and 3,343 Active-Status students registered in JobLink.

For more information, call:
281-756-3560 or email

International Student Services

The International Student Program at ACC is dedicated to assisting
international students with academic matters, immigration regulations, and personal concerns. Our programs and services are designed to
assist you in achieving your educational goals while studying in the
United States. Contact

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