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Transfer Study Career Paths

You can save thousands of dollars by starting at ACC before transferring to a four-year university to earn a bachelor’s degree.  No matter what your skills and interests, starting your education at community college means getting a foundation of basic classes in an attentive environment all while spending less on tuition.

Art, AA

Biological Science, AS

Business Administration, AS

Child Development, AA

Communications – Radio/TV Broadcasting, AS, AAS, Certificate 

Computer Information Technology – Computer Information Systems, AS

Criminal Justice, AA

Drama, AA

General Studies, AA

Health Science, AS

History, AA

Mathematics, AS

Music, Field of Study

Music – Instrumental, AA

Music – Voice, AA

Musical Theater, AA

Physical Science, AS

Psychology, AA

Sociology, AA

Sports and Human Performance, AA

Teaching, AA, AAT

Possible Career Paths / Texas Median Salary

Accountants $65,940

Biologists $58,270

Chemists $74,720

Computer Scientists $108,360

School Teachers $54,940

Historians $55,870

Laboratory Technicians $49,310

Marketing Analysts $61,290

Mechanical Engineers $83,060

Physicians Assistants $95,820

Physicians—Family and General Practice $187,200

Social Workers $45,500

Technical Writers $69,030

Writers and Authors $58,850

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